As long-term specialists for the Sultanate of Oman we are fascinated by this land in numerous aspects: the people, the diverse landscapes and colors, its history and culture, as well as the positive political and economic developments of the past decades.

On the occasion of Oman National Day Reception in 1992, hosted by the Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman in Bonn, the first exhibition about the country was presented in Germany, produced by Georg Popp, along with Juma Al Maskari. After many long stays in Oman, there followed in Germany and in Oman various art projects, publications and events. Mr Popp authored the first ever travel guide to the Sultanate of Oman, published in 1993, and now in its 6th printing in German. as "Oman," Edition Temmen, 2008, and in English as "Oman: Jewel of the Arabian Gulf," Odyssey Travel Guides.

In 1999 Georg Popp
founded the company Arabia Felix synform GmbH, under whose umbrella cultural projects, consulting services, and tours of the Sultanate are organized. The Arabia Felix team includes Maria Popp, Henning Neuschäffer, and Michael Dickinson.


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