Intensive Arabic Courses for students of all levels in Oman, Ibri, at the Noor Majan Training Institute.

ARABIC LANGUAGE COURSES, at all levels:  the Noor Majan Training Institute

The best way to learn a language is through intensive language instruction, in small classes, taught by native speakers, in a country where the language is spoken. If you are looking for a safe environment to learn Arabic, where visitors are still made to feel welcome, in Oman you may experience the daily life of friendly and peaceful Arab people in a relaxed way, and at a moderate price.

The Noor Majan Training Institute in the Sultanate of Oman -- located in Ibri, about 250 Km from the capital, Muscat -- is ideal for this purpose, providing intensive language courses year-round.  Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced and wanting to practice or improve your language skills, every month various levels are offered, with courses generally lasting four weeks. Individual instruction can be tailored to suit your needs.

The Arabic spoken in Oman is closest to Fusha Arabic, which is a huge advantage. Arabic has—for various practical reasons—been categorized into three variants: Classical (Fusha), Modern Standard (MSA), and Colloquial (Ammiya). Fusha is the oldest form of Arabic and is the language of the Quran, sacred texts, poetry and religious sermons.

Noor Majan is a small, private language school, located directly in Ibri's historical center, next to the souk and the Ibri Fort. Ibri is a typical Omani town with traditional architecture and modern infrastructure.  As Ibri is not a major focus of tourism you will experience authentic Omani surroundings as well as
have the opportunity to practice your Arabic!

The Institute will assist you in obtaining your visitor's visa, airport transfers on arrival and departure. Accommodations are offered in apartment shared with a student, in a small hotel, or on request with a host family.  A diverse program pertains to the curriculum, with escorted visits of the city and excursions in the beautiful countryside in the region. Meetings with language partners and roundtable discussions are included in the course program.

The Institute offers the official "Al-Arabiyya-Test; Arabic Language Proficiency Test" (developed in cooperation with the Oriental Institute of the University of Leipzig, Germany) to document your language skills.

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