Comments, observations and feedback offered by clients of Arabia Felix Synform GmbH

-Professor of Kennesaw State University, GA, USA
University Tour guided tour, March 2015

- Professor of University of Michigan
Self-drive tour and guided tour, May 2013

- Tanja Schmidhofer and Wolfgang Neumeister
Self-drive tour and guided tours, November 2012

- Renate und Peter Roth
Self-drive tour and guided tours, October/November 2012

- Partrick Hubert
Self-drive tour, Ocober 2012

- Renate, Eva-Maria and Uwe
Arabian Sea Villas, October 2012

- Birgit Eckhoff-Moison
Self-drive tour and guided tours, October 2012

- Dr. Angelberger
Guided roundtrip, March 2012

- Heidi Zimmermann
Arabian Sea Villas, March 2012

- Pirko and Karsten Krämer
Self-drive tour and guided tours, February 2012

- Claudia and Thomas
Guided roundtrip, January 2012

- Claudia Seckel, Sabine Bélard and Christine Freudenberg
Self-drive tour, December 2011/January 2012

- Bott Family
Self-drive tour and guided tours, December 2011/January 2012

- Prof. Dr. Roduner

Study tour Oman, December 2011/January 2012

- Laura and Philip
Self-drive tour, November/December 2011

- Marianne Verboom
Arabian Sea Villas, November 2011

- Anja Mittra
Single female traveler, self-drive tour and guided tours, November 2011

- Annika Bock
"Oman House" - Misfat al Abreen, November 2011

- Susanne Lerch-Weil
Tour to Musandam, November 2011

- Stahr Family
Self-drive tour, April 2011

- Erika Steinfath, Shalaan Mohamed, Ali Roxa
Self-drive tour, February 2011

- Hildegund und Konrad Neumeier
Guided roundtrip, January/February 2011

- Christiane Müller and Kerstin Müller
Self-drive tour and guided tours, January 2011

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