Oman Dive Centre

The Oman Dive Centre is built up of 30 comfortable barasti huts, situated directly at the beach. While diving at the wreck you can admire the enormous variety and richness of fish. To historical Muscat it is a 15-minute drive.

Oman Dive Center MuscatOman Dive Center MuscatOman Dive Center MuscatThe 30 comfortable barasti huts are situated directly at the sandy beach. On the terrace you can enjoy the wonderful evening light and the dulcet climate.

In the restaurant "Odyssey" the guest’s physical well-being is cared for. The guest can choose if he wants to dine on the terrace of the restaurant or in the climatized refectory.

Oman Dive Center has a small, private dive station. Divers hold this accommodation in high regard because the variety and richness of fish, especially at the wreck, is enormous.

There are also remarkably many morays, rays, and crampfish regularly to be seen.

It is a 15-minute drive to historical Muscat.


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