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With our years of experience customizing itineraries for curious, sophisticated, and adventurous travellers, we recently decided to expand our palette of travel options beyond Oman and Northern Cyprus. A criterion for any destination we offer is that it be in the early stages of tourism development, meaning it has not succumbed to the evils of mass tourism, with over-development, exploitation of natural resources, and crowds of tourists. It is about quality, not quantity.

Albania and Oman have, surprisingly, much in common. They were both hermit nations until the early 1990s. The current population is around 3.5 million people. Employment among young people is estimated between 30 and 40% -- young people who represent the future of the country, who are well-educated and have grown up with environmental awareness, an eagerness to join in the economy and wanting to help build a sustainable future.

Albania and Northern Cyprus also have much in common, from a history of domination by invaders and falling under the influence of different empires, to its mingling of European, Mediterranean and Turkish influences.

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