Once upon a time there was … Sinbad the Sailor, the Frankincense Trail and the Three Kings of Orient. Oman’s exciting and eventful past has long been general knowledge. However, the proud people and the breathtaking landscapes behind these legends are still a well-kept secret, which is well worth discovering.

The culture of Oman lacks all grandeur, arrogance and brashness. But it is just this which makes the country such an unusual destination, giving the visitor the chance to escape the world of hectic activity and striving to once more feel human, to appreciate the world with sharpened senses. To be in Oman is to see colors and to smell scents, to sense the horizon, to physically experience extreme contrasts, to get the feeling of losing oneself in unending landscapes.

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We deal with the Sultanate of Oman on many levels: exhibitions, art projects, workshops, photo archive, interfaith dialogue, publications, documentaries, travel management, consulting

For more than 20 years the team of ARABIA FELIX is dealing with the Sultanate of Oman. As long-term specialists we are fascinated by this land in numerous aspects: the people, the diverse landscapes and colors, its history and culture, as well as the positive political and economic developments of the past decades.

With our years of experience customizing itineraries for curious, sophisticated, and adventurous travellers, we recently decided to expand our palette of travel options beyond Oman. A criterion for any destination we offer is that it be in the early stages of tourism development, meaning it has not succumbed to the evils of mass tourism, with over-development, exploitation of natural resources, and crowds of tourists. It is about quality, not quantity.

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